• Standardization Program

    By sustained work over years the Kidney Foundation of Northeast of Argentina has coordinated and managed the program to standardize creatinine in clinical laboratories of Chaco Province, Argentina. The province of Chaco has pioneered the development the process of standardization of assays of creatinine in Argentina, which is essential to improve the quality of the calculation of eGFR, and early diagnosis ok CKD.  

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  • Northeast Kidney Foundation Argentine winner of 4 Research Fellowship "Carrillo-Oñativia" 2013

    They were issued by the National Health Research - Ministry Health of the Nation.
    The project presented was "Relationship of renal size and volume by ultrasound with anthropometric parameters and physical and chemical characteristics of urine in the pediatric population"

  • World Kidney Day 2013

    Renal Health for disadvantaged populations.
    The Science and Technical Fellows of UNNE, and agents from Health Ministry of Chaco Province, all of them assisted in the search and discovery of renal damage signal in Pediatrics. We want to prevent from childhood to reach to Dialysis or Transplantation. ...

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  • Football (soccer) tournament in San Martin

    More than 800 children are part of this event on December the 28 th. The children are from the 7 Arboles aborigine rural community, Laguna Lobo and Lote 60, sponsored by la Fundación Renal del NEA, Rotary Club Resistencia, Rotaract, and Lotería Chaqueña. After having a nice lunch, there was a closing act and...

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  • Training for aborigines health workers in General San Martín

    On Tuesday 14 th ,ROTARACT and Fundación Renal honored several aborigines health workers in General San Martín to carry out a great number of survey about eating habits, laziness and blood pressure. Carrying on with the same spirit of promotion a healthy life, on Tuesday 21 st of December a football match will take place in Siete Arboles, a local aborigine community...

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  • Thank you Rotary Club!!!

    Today Tuesday 16 th November we have given away the first scale for adults in a house located on lot 60 in general San Martin.
    We have trained 43 aborigine health workers to get data on eating habits and nutritional guideline. We have also designed an INTRANET web page to load all this information...

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  • Field research in Gral. San Martín

    42 aborigine health workers are already working in General San Martín by doing field research and training. The idea is to get nutritional data on children and adults and to identify hypertension people. The job is been done in the city as well as in the country area.
    To achieve our goal we provided training in their own language.
    Rotary Club Resistencia will donate five scales, as well as food assistant for malnourished children for a period of 12 months....

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  • A lecture given at Instituto Universitario CEMIC on health about aborigine population

    On September 23 rd a lecture on health on Toba aborigine population was given and we were able to obtain comments from more than a hundred medicine students who showed interest to get to know all the different cultures in the country. They all agreed how relevant it is speak their own language and to use neologisms in order to express certain diseases, such as diabetes, blood hypertension, chronic kidney disease and obesity.

    88% of the public showed Interest in helping to expose how these diseases are getting worse. The other 12 % proposed that government should design a campaign to alert these communities and provide healthy food...

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  • Working agreement with the faculty of
    medicine UNNE

    On October 8 th 2010 a working agreement was sighed between Fundación Renal del Nordeste Argentino and the medicine faculty of Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. The agreement orders actions of teaching, researching and expantion. It also honors all that has been done in the past three years jointly the world kidney day association and made us the recipient of two international awards given by IFKF (International Federation of Kidney Foundations)...

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  • Standardizing creatinine in Chaco

    The health department of Chaco through the secretary Mr. Francisco Baquero has decided to put in place the Standardizing creatinine program in every single lab in this province.
    This means that accurate diagnostics will be done on patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease.
    This disease is sorted our by the amount of plasma creatine, a blood test which shows the kidney function. Today, this program is...

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  • Blood preassure cuff donation in General
    San Martín

    The Fundación Renal donates Blood preassure cuffs to health workers in General San Martín and Mapic to prevent blood hypertension.

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Message Dutch Kidney Foundation

Prevention program, kidney and cardiovascular risk factor detection program

     • Because this disease can be prevented
     • Early diagnosis allows us to treat patients sooner

To whom?
     • Exposed population: indigenous whose diet is still in the process of becoming westernized
     • Diabetics
     • Hypertension

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Kidney and cardiovascular risk factor detection

     • Because D. J. Barrer proveed 20 years ago children born with less than two kilos of weight and malnourished children, have small kidney therefore higher risk to suffer from Mellitus Diabetes, Arterial hypertension and coronary disease when the grow older.
     • Because kidney disease is preventable.
     • Because screening allows early treatment.

To whom?
     • Children, pregnant women, exposed population

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