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World Kidney Day 2013

Renal Health for disadvantaged populations.
The Science and Technical Fellows of UNNE, and agents from Health Ministry of Chaco Province, all of them assisted in the search and discovery of renal damage signal in Pediatrics. We want to prevent from childhood to reach to Dialysis or Transplantation.

29 th March. Commemoration of World Kidney Day

On the 29th March, 400 Medicine, Nursing and Kinesiology students from Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (UNNE) will commemorate the World Kidney Day in some squares: 25 de Mayo (25th May), 9 de Julio (9th July), 12 de Octubre (12 th October), Belgrano and España, where there will be free measurements of the nutritional status, glycemia, reactive tape urine, for those who pass bye and decide to participate voluntarily.

Since the year 2008 we counted on the pleasant collaboration of the society of Resistencia city to spread the information related to prevention and early detection of cardiovascular and renal risk factors that has allowed us to collect population data in order to carry out works of investigation awarded to national and international level.

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Día mundial del riñón

120 countries celebrate the world kidney day on the second Thursday of March each year. Resistencia city will be part of this event by taking blood pressure and glycemia level to all bystanders on four different squares in the city. We have examined over 6000 people assisted by 1000 medicine students in 2008.

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